Pint Sized Fashion Inspiration

Alonso Mateo is quite the fashionable little tyke, which isn’t surprising considering that his mother worked as a fashion editor. He is the owner of quite an impressive wardrobe, full of suits, dress shoes, chukka boots, blazers, and shirts.  And those glasses…don’t get me started on those!

Should you ever need some fashion inspiration, and you’re feeling […]

Can a Wool Blend Suit Look Good?

If you think that only wool suits look sharp, think again!

Nowadays, with advances in the way that we produce textiles, wool blends and synthetic fabrics often are not discernible from their pure wool counterparts! While wool blends and man made fabric suits might not be as breathable as wool, they are more sturdy and will wear […]

Help! I don’t know my coat size!

When shopping for a coat online, it can be hard to figure out what size is right for you. We’re frequently asked this question:

“Should I order a coat that’s the same size as my suit jacket, or should I order one size larger? I’m leaning toward the larger size, since it might fit better with a suit […]