The Golden Guide - Matching Suits, Shirts, and Ties

Follow the path that leads to the golden guide to suits - the one that leads to a confident and sexy man.


The Golden Guide - Matching Suits, Shirts, and Ties

Seek wisdom and you shall find. Here is the treasure map you need - match your suits like a pro.

Here are the rules to ensure you look great, whatever you’re wearing. 

Generally, you should work three main pieces: a suit, a shirt, and a tie. You want to coordinate the three perfectly. If you follow the rules, you'll be good to go.

Plaid suit, striped shirt, striped tie on mannequin.

    Here's a plaid suit with a striped shirt, a striped tie, and two different patterned pocket squares - very busy with numerous patterns. If this appeals to you, just keep the colors similar.

    1. Up to TWO of your pieces can have patterns; the third should be a solid print (unless you’re a billboard or fashion expert (or faux pas?) like our mannequin above - for everyone else, limit yourself to two patterns).
    2. If your patterns are the same, they should have different scales of size.
    3. If your two patterns are different, they should have the same scale.

    PRO TIP: Your tie is also important! Be sure to match the width of the tie to the width of your lapels.

    Just remember, these are guidelines to make dressing easier. If you have a combination that works for you, go for it. Just feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Be you - no one else can be.

    Plaid suit, printed tie, white shirt on a mannequin

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