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Whatever be the occasion, stay a step ahead in fashion with our designer men’s three-piece suits. With their sophisticated and sharp style, these men’s suits make for a confident and striking appearance. Shop our impressive selection of men’s designer vested suits and look dapper.

What Is a Three Piece Suit for Men?

A three piece suit for men consists of a pair of suit pants, a vest or waistcoat, and a blazer. In general, the three piece suit for men is monochromatic, but sometimes is made in coordinating colors. The three piece suit is slightly more formal and traditional than other men’s suits. 

What Colors Does a Three Piece Suit for Men Come In?

For business settings, a navy blue three piece suit or a gray three piece suit are appropriate. Three piece suits for men are also a popular choice for wearing to church. Tan, brown, gray, and even peach are popular colors of men’s three piece suits for wearing to church. A three piece suit in black is quite a formal look, one step below a tuxedo. It could be worn to formal events and funerals. Of course, three piece tuxedos come in classic black or as black pants and a black vest with a coordinating colored jacket, such as a burgundy, blue, or tan jacket. 

Should I Buy a Classic Fit or Slim Fit Three Piece Suit?

You have to weigh the pros and cons of classic fit three piece suits and slim fit three piece suits. Slim fit is in style right now, but classic fit suits accommodate some men better. You’ll also want to consider comfort: the vest under the suit jacket in a three piece suit adds a layer of warmth. A classic fit three piece suit offers more airflow than a slim fit three piece suit. If you are not sure whether to buy a slim fit three piece suit or a classic fit three piece suit, we published a handy blog post to help you choose. 

Can I Wear a Three Piece Suit to My Wedding?

Of course you can wear a three piece suit! Wedding suits vary in style and color, but one thing is for sure: the groom and groomsmen will look distinguished and formal in three piece suits. While it might not be the most comfortable choice for a summer wedding, for fall and winter weddings the three piece suit is a handsome choice.