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About Us

The Suit Depot
We are the experts for suits and menswear.

Like many young men, by the age of 14, Marty Babayev had worn a tie only once in his life. He knew nothing about style, cut, fabric, or business. When he was told to buy a suit for his sister's wedding, his world changed. As he searched stores and the internet, he learned there were few paths available to purchase a suit: discount department stores (which provided no real specialty or knowledge), unhelpful online stores, or high end suit stores (which had the expertise, but overcharged for it).

Much has happened since the idea was born. Today, The Suit Depot is recognized as the trusted, go-to resource for outstanding customer service and unsurpassed expertise, both to the public and to suppliers. We pride ourselves at being better than any suit store and challenge anyone to disagree. We know that clothing gives value, changes outlook, and boosts confidence. Marty's stance is simple. He and his team believe in providing the best value for the best menswear.

Our selection of over 15,000 suits is unrivaled in quality, price, and variety. Our knowledgeable associates can answer any questions regarding style, fit, and size, and we will help you find something within your budget. If you need a hand, we can be reached via our Facebook page, email, or by phone. We have blog articles which may answer your questions, or, if you're local, drop by and say hello. Marty and The Suit Depot team are always happy to help.
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 26158 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237