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Special occasions deserve a special degree of style and our tuxedo suits for men are the perfect way to celebrate. From classic black tuxedos to modern colorful styles, each one of our men’s tuxedo suits has been selected for its high-end style. Whether guest, groomsman, or groom, our designer tuxedo suits for men blend handsome design with quality craftsmanship to ensure you turn heads.

Should You Rent or Buy a Men’s Tuxedo?

While renting a tuxedo might look economical, is it? For the price of renting a men’s tuxedo, you can buy one at The Suit Depot. Isn’t it better to build your wardrobe than to pay to use something once? When you buy a men’s tuxedo, you can tailor it to your own measurements. You can choose from wool or synthetic fabrics for your tuxedo. You can choose a color that will suit you for formal events now and in the future.

What Color Men’s Tuxedo Should You Buy?


The classic black tuxedo is an obvious and safe choice for formal events. You cannot go wrong with a black tuxedo for a black tie event. However, navy blue tuxedos have stepped in as a fashion-forward yet conservative enough option. The navy blue and black tuxedo is a low-contrast high style statement. Why not try a black and burgundy tuxedo, or a beige tuxedo? 

What Fabric Should You Choose for Your Men’s Tuxedo?

Wool is the most breathable fabric for a men’s tuxedo, and it drapes naturally across the body. However, synthetic fabrics are an affordable option for men’s tuxedos, and they offer variability in texture and color. For example, a men’s velvet tuxedo jacket can come in a variety of colors and prints. Synthetic men’s tuxedos are available in a rainbow of colors that are generally not available in wool. 

Choosing a Prom Tuxedo

Buying a prom tuxedo is a first men’s tuxedo purchase for many young men. While a black tuxedo is certainly appropriate for the prom, don’t be afraid of deviating from the traditional tuxedo. The prom tuxedo is an opportunity to experiment with color and texture – after all, you’re only young once. You could try a velvet tuxedo jacket in a fun color or pattern.