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Question: How should I style a turtleneck sweater with a suit?

Our stylist answers: 

A dress shirt is not your only shirt option when wearing a suit. Refined turtleneck sweaters also look polished with a suit. It’s a classic that is being embraced by young people. It’s now viewed as contemporary.

The obvious option is to wear the turtleneck sweater under your suit jacket. You can get more life out of a suit by wearing a turtleneck sweater just with the suit trousers for a more casual look. Be sure that your sweater is mid-weight or lightweight. A heavy turtleneck sweater will look too bulky. 

What color turtleneck should you wear? You can match, complement, or contrast your suit. 

Matching your turtleneck sweater to your suit: If your suit has a pattern like stripes or plaid, match the turtleneck to the color of the pattern. Complement the color of your suit: Wear a shade lighter of the same color as your suit. For example, if you are wearing a navy blue suit, wear a light blue turtleneck. Contrast the color of your suit: Choose the color opposite the color of your suit on the color wheel. For example, if you are wearing a brown suit, wear a blue turtleneck sweater. 

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Matt Flanagan

Matt Flanagan

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