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The answer is: Maybe, but it definitely shouldn’t be your first suit. Navy blue or charcoal will probably serve you better. 

Black Suits Are FORMAL

A common misconception is that black suits are a basic that every man needs in his wardrobe. However, a black suit is really the most formal option aside from a tuxedo. It really should only really be worn to  funerals, weddings, black tie optional events, and to nightclubs or parties. While not necessary to wear to religious services, a black suit can achieve the level of formality that you need in that setting. It is too stark and high-contrast to wear in business settings – wearing a black suit to the office, a job interview, or court room is a fashion faux pas. It’s overdressed for most occasions, and in a business setting it marks you as a novice. 

Alternative: Navy Blue and Charcoal Suits 

Your staple suits are navy blue and charcoal gray – those are the two you need to own. They are appropriate to wear in business and normal social settings, as well as to weddings and funerals. You’ll get much more wear out of a navy blue or charcoal gray suit. A navy suit can also be split easily – a navy suit jacket can be worn with jeans or khakis like a sport coat, which is another way you’ll get value from it. 

How to Wear a Black Suit: High Contrast

If you do wear a black suit, wear it with black shoes and a white shirt. Black necessitates high contrast. The only time it is advisable to wear a colored shirt with a black suit is for a nightclub look – a black shirt or burgundy shirt without a tie, or a turtleneck look sleek and fashionable in that setting. 

To Summarize...

Just starting your suit collection? Start with navy blue or charcoal gray. If you have a large suit collection and want to own a black suit, by all means buy one. Just know that it is not a fashion staple and should be reserved for formal occasions. 

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Chaya Kurtz

Chaya Kurtz

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