Fit is everything. You can spend thousands of dollars on a suit, but if the fit is not right it’s not worth it. An affordable suit that has been altered for your body will look better than an expensive suit that doesn’t fit right, so protect your investment – or turn an inexpensive suit into one that looks like a million bucks. 
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If your stomach protrudes more than two inches past your chest, a portly suit will probably fit you better. A portly suit, or executive cut suit, is a suit that has not really changed in the shoulders and chest, but room has been added to the stomach of the jacket and the waist of the pants.
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Both wool suits and synthetic suits have advantages and disadvantages. There is no one perfect suit – you should buy a suit according to your needs and preferences. 
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Where, when, and how to wear a seersucker suit. Which shirt, shoes, tie, and socks to wear with a seersucker suit.
The Suit Depot is here for you, giving you ideas and inspiration on what to wear this winter! It's not just the suit and tie; it's also about being strikingly casual.
The right suit frames a man's face, broadens a man's shoulders, and narrows his hips, making him imposing, debonair, and dashing.
There's no excuse for wearing an ill-fitted suit. All you need is this article, a tape measure, and a good tailor.
You do not have to fear the online store. In addition to rules to assist you, so too our employees feel the need to help. Just ask!
Be sharp, be subtle, be daring - be yourself with one of these eight recommended suit styles.

Follow the path that leads to the golden guide to suits - the one that leads to a confident and sexy man.