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A white dress shirt, or three, is an absolute must for every well-dressed man’s wardrobe. It’s an infallible option when you want to look sharp. It’s a safe default when you are not sure what to wear. It coordinates with – and elevates – most menswear. 

Is a white dress shirt boring? Basic? I prefer to say that it is versatile, elegant, and always dignified. Not sure what to wear? These are all the ways you can wear a white dress shirt:

Wear It With Any Color Suit

Your favorite navy suit? When you want it to look its most formal, pair it with a white dress shirt (buttoned all the way up, of course) and a tie. Going truly formal? A white dress shirt isthe shirt to wear with a black suit, and even a tux. Looking for lower contrast? A light gray suit with a white dress shirt is impeccable. Summer suit? The best shirt to wear with a linen suit or a seersucker suit is a crisp, cool white dress shirt. 

Elevate Your Jeans With a White Dress Shirt 

Though it may look mismatched with ripped, faded, casual jeans, there is almost nothing as sharp as dark tailored jeans and a white dress shirt. The key to wearing a white dress shirt with jeans is to wear absolutely pristine, perfectly fitted jeans with it. Leave the collar open, and accessorize well: a casual but well-maintained loafer works brilliantly with a white dress shirt and jeans.

Dress Up Your Chinos

Beige, khaki, nautical blue, or Nantucket red – you cannot beat the combination of chinos and a white dress shirt. For casual days, wear your white dress shirt’s collar open, and pair with a woven belt. A refined leather belt and shiny shoes turns chinos and a white dress shirt into office-ready attire. 

Navy Dress Pants

Navy blue dress pants and a white dress shirt, worn with a tie, are the go-to dressy-but-not-a-suit look. Perfectly classic. 

For more about white dress shirts, watch this video I made:  


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Dennis Berry

Dennis Berry

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Peter Mallon

Peter Mallon

March 14, 2023

Looking for a high quality black 2 pc 42s. Brooks Bros. has left the the St. Louis area. This wool suit could have stripes just something with that, “ Wow”, look.

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