Are Classic Fit Suits Out of Style?

The short answer: No. What it really comes down to is what fits your body and looks best on you. Slim fit suits are definitely in style right now, but some people just don’t look good in them. If you have large biceps, a wide chest, or broad shoulders, a classic fit suit will look far more proportionate on you than a slim fit suit. Today’s classic fit suits are not as baggy as the suits of the 1990’s. Contemporary classic fit suits fit closer to the body than suits of yore did. You can always tailor it according to your preferences: a little slimmer here, but keep it roomy there. 

The other issue to consider is where you plan to wear the suit. Picture yourself presenting an idea to a Fortune 500 company. In a boardroom like that, you’d want to look trustworthy and authoritative. It wouldn’t be in your best interest to look trendy. 

Even if you prefer slim fit suits, and they work for your body type, consider trying out a classic fit suit in the summer. They allow for air-flow around the body. For summertime wear, a 100% wool classic fit suit will be far more comfortable than a slim fit suit, which does not breathe in the same way. Ease of movement and body temperature regulation are always in style.

Most better menswear stores offer both classic fit and slim fit suits. Check out our wide variety of high-quality classic fit suits like these: 



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Chaya Kurtz

Chaya Kurtz

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