Napoli is a brand that has redefined the luxurious suit for the modern well-dressed man. Made of pure wool from the world-renowned mills in Italy, including Reda, Zegan, and Loro Piana, the superior thread count makes for a buttery soft finish. The ontemporary and sharp colors and patterns are conservative enough for business wear while being stylish enough that you'll get compliments every time you wear them. The jackets are crafted with half-canvassed construction, with the inner layers of the lapel sewn together instead of glued. This high-end tailoring method makes the jackets drape beautifully and lay so perfectly that everone will think you're wearing a custom suit. When it comes to high-end suits, this brand is a best-seller for good reason. Once you try one on, there's no going back to non-canvassed, mediocre suits. A suit with such superior fabric and exclusive craftsmanship does all the talking for you. The fit, the fabric and the quality will impress you like no other suit can.