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Question: How should guys dress for a friend’s wedding?

Our stylist answers: 

When attending a friend’s wedding, it’s always best to dress on the more formal side. Depending on the time of day and the location of the wedding, this could mean wearing a suit or a nice blazer and dress pants

The color of the suit depends on the level of formality of the wedding. If the invitation states “formal dress,” it is appropriate to wear a black suit. Black is the most formal color. If the invitation says “semi-formal dress” or doesn’t state a dress code and the wedding is in the evening, a suit in a dark color like navy blue or charcoal gray is appropriate. For similar day weddings, a light colored suit, like tan or light gray, also works. 

Outdoor weddings and beach weddings allow for structured-but-more-casual dress. Good looking chinos, a dress shirt, and a blazer are acceptable, as is a cotton seersucker suit

Avoid wearing jeans, T-shirts, or athletic clothing to a friend’s wedding. If the invitation does not specify the level of formality, it is a good idea to check with the couple before planning your outfit. 

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Matt Flanagan

Matt Flanagan

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