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Since the tenth century, the world's finest glass has been produced by hand on the Venetian island of Murano. When you buy Murano glass today, you are buying a piece of artistic history.

murano glass vase

Early Murano glassmakers developed decorative glassmaking techniques that are still regarded as superior. The same techniques that were used in the 1100's are used today to create artistic glass decor and jewelry.

Unlike lead glass and modern crystal, Murano glass is lightweight, making it the perfect material for jewelry. Murano glass beads are still treasured for their intricate beauty. The beads pictured here are made with the traditional "thousand flowers" Murano glass pattern.

murano glass necklace

The Suit Depot now sells very special Murano glass cufflinks. Since they are made by hand, no two pieces are the same. 

The blue glass of our Murano glass cufflinks is traditionally made by adding cobalt to the glass base. That shade of blue is frequently found in Murano glass artwork, which makes our cufflinks particularly identifiable as genuine Venetian glass.  

A pair of Murano glass cuff links is a small but potent statement that a gentleman appreciates fine art in the Venetian tradition. Even without appreciating their place in glassmaking history, just the look of Murano glass cufflinks elevates an outfit from average to exceptional. 


Chaya Kurtz

Chaya Kurtz

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