Rules of Coordinating Your Tie with Your Outfit

Men's style expert Dennis Berry discusses how to coordinate your tie with your outfit. Spoiler: Break the rules!
Rules of Coordinating Your Tie with Your Outfit

The bottom line: Don’t be too matchy-matchy.

Question: Should I match my necktie with my belt?

Typically you will match your necktie with your shirt or suit. Color should complement (but not exactly match) your shirt or suit. Your belt, on the other hand, should match your shoes. The rule is: Always match your leathers. Your belt and shoes do not have to match exactly, but they need to be in the same color family. Black belt = black shoes, etc. And – always wear brown leather with navy blue pants or a navy blue suit

Question: Should I wear a matching tie and pocket square? 

No, you should not match your tie and pocket square. 20 years ago, it was acceptable to wear a matching tie and pocket square. The matching tie and pocket square now look out of date. If you want to look contemporary, wear a pocket square in the same color family, but that does not match your tie exactly. Don’t be afraid to wear an entirely different pattern from your tie, as long as it is in the same color family or complements the color of your tie. 

Question: Are style rules meant to be broken? 

Yes! Break the rules – but do it in the right way. When you look in the mirror and what you see puts a smile on your face, then that’s your unique look. The key is to wear that look with confidence. When you have confidence, you’ll always look like you have style. 

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