Should the groom's suit stand out from the rest of the wedding party?

There are no hard and fast rules, but it's worth considering a few factors before making a decision.
Should the groom's suit stand out from the rest of the wedding party?

Planning a wedding and wondering if the groom's suit should stand out from the rest of the wedding party? Let's tackle this style question in a simple way. 

Traditionally, the groom's suit is different from the rest of the wedding party in either color, fabric, or style. This difference emphasizes the groom's special role and makes him the center of attention. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

  • If you are having a formal wedding, the groom could wear the traditional black tuxedo, and the groomsmen could wear either colored tuxedo jackets or formal suits. 
  • If you want the groom and the wedding party to look similar, for instance all wearing the same color, the groom could wear a tuxedo in that color while the groomsmen wear suits in that color. 
  • If the entire wedding party chooses to wear black tuxedos, you can set the groom apart through his accessories, such as a white tie instead of a black tie, more luxurious cuff links, and more formal-looking shoes. 
  • The groom could wear a custom suit, while the wedding party wears off-the-rack matching suits. It might be the groom's one opportunity to wear a custom suit. 

However, modern weddings are adopting a more uniform look. Coordinating the groom's suit with the rest of the wedding creates a cohesive aesthetic that symbolizes the bond between the couple and their loved ones. Remember: Coordinating does not mean that the groom dresses identically to the wedding party. It is perfectly modern to subtly distinguish the groom.

  • If the wedding party is wearing light colored suits, like light gray or tan, the groom could wear a tuxedo in that color. 
  • If it's a summer beach wedding and the whole wedding party is wearing seersucker suits without ties, the groom could wear a seersucker suit with a bowtie and a straw boater hat.
  • The groom can distinguish himself within a uniform theme through shirt color. If all of the groomsmen are wearing colored shirts and patterned ties, the groom could wear a white dress shirt and solid tie. 

Whether you differentiate the groom in a clear way or in a subtle way, it's his day to shine. Consider that your wedding might be the only occasion you'll have in life to wear a tuxedo or custom suit -- so take advantage of it. 


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