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Question: How should I dress for a job interview? 

Our stylist answers: 

Err on the side of dressing more formally. Although the standard of dress for job interviews varies by industry, typically dressing “more formally” means wearing a suit, or dress pants and a freshly pressed dress shirt

Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, and athletic clothing – they are too casual. Also, avoid wearing a black suit. Black suits are too formal and too bold to wear to a job interview. Save your black suits for formal events and funerals. 

The best color suits to wear to a job interview are navy blue, charcoal gray, or brown. Pair your suit with a crisp white dress shirt, a tie with a small repeating pattern in a coordinating color (save the bold patterns for nights out), and a pair of freshly polished oxford-style dress shoes.

Wear brown shoes with a navy blue suit or a brown suit, and black shoes with a charcoal gray suit. Be sure that your dress socks match your outfit. 

If you’re interviewing during the winter, a three-quarter length overcoat or a full length overcoat will make the right impression. Avoid technical outdoor coats like puffers when you are going to a job interview.  

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Matt Flanagan

Matt Flanagan

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