Are there any specific accessories that can enhance wedding party suits?

This guide includes shoes, ties, lapel pins, socks, watches and more. Learn all about accessorizing a wedding party.
Are there any specific accessories that can enhance wedding party suits?

Yes, there are several accessories and embellishments that can enhance wedding party suits. Here are some popular options for accessorizing your groomsmen. You can set apart the groom by wearing higher end or more formal versions of these accessories:

Neckwear: A necktie or bowtie is necessary for all but casual weddings. There are myriad ways to select the colors and patterns of ties. For example: The traditional black bowtie is appropriate for black tie weddings. For semi-formal/black tie optional weddings, bump up the level of formality by choosing high contrast ties, particularly solid color ties. For cocktail attire weddings, prints are a fun option. It's popular and aesthetically pleasing to coordinate the groomsmen's tie colors with the colors of the bridesmaids' dresses. 

Pocket Squares: A silk pocket square steps up the formality level of a suit for a more distinguished look. It does not need to match the tie exactly; rather, the color should coordinate with the tie, but not exactly match it. For example: Take one color from the print of the tie and wear a pocket square in that color. 

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are decorative fasteners for the cuffs of a French cuff dress shirt. They come in various styles, including classic designs, monograms, or themed motifs. Personalized cufflinks can be a great way to add a personal touch. They're a nice gift to the groomsmen. You can set apart the groom from the groomsmen by choosing more expensive/fancy cufflinks for the groom.

Boutonnieres: A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn on the lapel of a suit jacket. It can be made with a single flower or a small arrangement that complements the wedding flowers or theme. Boutonnieres can also incorporate other elements like feathers, greenery, or decorative pins. They're quite traditional. One way to distinguish the groom from the wedding party is for the groom to wear a boutonniere while the groomsmen wear lapel pins. 

Suspenders: Suspenders can add a vintage or upscale touch to the suit. They're a more formal alternative to belts. You can match or contrast the color of the suspenders with the groomsmen's suits. 

Watches: A handsome watch is a timeless (pun intended) accessory that dresses up a suit or tuxedo. Leather strap watches are less formal than all metal watches. Wear a metal watch with a tuxedo; leather band watches look great with cocktail attire or casual suits, such as seersucker suits. Be sure to match the color of the watch band to the color of the shoes if you're wearing a leather watch band.

Lapel Pins: Lapel pins, in addition to looking sharp and distinguished, can serve as meaningful keepsakes or mementos. You could give your groomsmen personalized monogram lapel pins with a uniform look as a gift. 

Dress socks: Want to make your wedding party's outfits a little more fun? Go for patterned dress socks. Have a look at our blog post, How to Match Dress Socks to Your Suit, for guidelines. 

Dress shoes: The groomsmen's dress shoes do not need to be identical, but should all be the same color and basic style, such as black or brown Oxfords. You can distinguish the groom by wearing different, but coordinating, shoes. For example, for a formal wedding the groom could wear black patent leather shoes while the groomsmen wear black Oxfords. 

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